Soldering pot metal

soldering pot metal

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Inexpensive casting alloys or pot metal can be difficult to work on because of their low melting point. Whether you're soldering pot metal for a repair job, . Solders ZINC DIECAST - White Metal - POT METAL & ALUMINUM! Simply bead blast the casting, and/or drill out the pits with a Dremel tool or die grinder.The Zinc Metal Solder Paste. Solders ZINC DIECAST - White Metal - POT METAL & Aluminum ! No Mess, No Waste syringe applicator. Works with the heat of a . Pot metal is common in a variety of items, including automatic parts, toys, step of this method involves drilling out the pits and filling them in with silver solder.The Solder-It Pot Metal Paste solders zinc die cast, white metals, trophies, pewter , carburetors, fuel pumps, car grilles, door handles, junk jewelry. Flows with the . Ongoing discussion on The Home Page of the Finishing Industry®: Pot metal ( diecastings) repair.. But I don't think you can solder an aluminum die casting. Pot metal—also known as monkey metal, white metal, or die-cast zinc—is a colloquial term that refers to. Pot metal is not easily glued, soldered, or welded. May 25, 2012 . An antique pot metal table leg that's been broken in half is repaired with a propane torch and multi-metal solder Super Alloy 1. Mike explains .

soldering pot metal

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